Translation: Tu Vois? (Mamou) - Franco et Le TPOK Jazz

"Tu Vois? (Mamou)" from the album "Franco et Le TPOK Jazz Chantent Tres Impoli" (Original Lyrics)

What are you saying?
What are you saying?
What are you saying mamou?
You say that I’m always reporting you to your husband
You say that I am a “trouble maker” in your marriage

Madilu just let her talk as much as she likes
Doesn’t she know the things she’s been doing?
On the streets where she walks people see her
In the houses that she always visits, walls also report her
In all road junctions that she likes hanging around, taxi drivers always see her
Why does she always spread stories that you are a “troublemaker in her marriage”?

I am the one who defends you mamou
I am the who knows all your secrets mamou
Today I have become a bad person mamou
You know when things are hot mamou
You will remember me mamou when I am gone
Even if you call me a prostitute mamou

Oh mamou , I am surprised mamou
I always thought you are my best friend
Because, you know that I know all your secrets
What has surprised me today mamou is that you have gone to insult me at Musa’s place
You have told him that I am a prostitute
You of all the people mamou know very well that I am married, I have kids, though I am now divorced
And today you, mamou that I trust
You start calling me a prostitute
But you know ‘Prostitution’ is not a disease
‘Prostitution’ is not a punishment
Mamou you are a married woman
You always surprise me, you always go out with a big handbag
Inside that handbag you are carrying a loincloth ‘kitenge’, your toothbrush as if you were traveling far away, a pair of slippers, and a lot of cola nuts
Mamou you know very well that I am an alibi to you
Because I know all your men boyfriends
Whenever your husband gets you talking to another man boyfriend
You quickly claim that he’s my boyfriend
But I have never thought of breaking your marriage
Because I always wanted you to bring up your children
Instead of interfering in your marriage so that after that people will blame me by saying: “Look, this prostitute has caused that couple to divorce”

What are you looking for mamou?
What are you looking for mamou?

You have already secured my bank account
Please behave like a married woman
It is because of your marriage that you are in Europe
Stop cheating on your husband mamou
when he calls you admit that you go out

Mamou if I decide to say a word I will be blamed because I am a prostitute
You told me yourself that your husband sent you to Europe in order to take care of your children
That’s the reason he opened a bank account for you
You told me that since you came here, your husband calls you twice a day
At 6 am and at midnight
But just after his midnight call
You get hold of an insecticide and spray in the whole house
So that your children can sleep soundly till you come back
Because you know your husband is supposed to call you at 6 o’clock in the morning, you will make sure that you come back by that time to answer the call
And when the call of your husband comes listen to what you often tell him

“Hello, father of my children, we are all fine
except your children are not easy to handle
especially the younger boy who is your photocopy, daddy
He really surprises me
Imagine he has broken your photograph’s frame, the one you gave me so that I could see you face
This young boy is really turbulent exactly as you were in your childhood
As your mother told me
The father of my children, I do not have more to tell you today except you should remember to send us money for food”

You are the one who is misbehaving mamou
You are the one who is misbehaving
You don’t respect your husband, mamou
You even took his respect and gave it away mamou
You do not even respect your husband’s friends
Today you have insulted me by calling me prostitute, I am surprised

Mamou, you are spreading rumors by calling me “prostitute” all over Brussels
You have even gone to Paris to spread such rumors about me
You have sent one letter to Kinshasa, another one to Brazzaville
Prostitution is not a disease
You should know Mamou that I’m hurt

As a matter of fact, I want to report you to your husband mamou
It is useless for me to report you
But I have filmed all the stupid things that you normally do
I have sold it to Yobo
So that he can burn that film for me

Mamou hang me
The way Jesus Christ was hanged on the cross
Two nails on his hands, one nail on his feet

Mamou you are a married woman but you often surprise me
I can see that you are a witch
You are a parasite, like a rope
Mamou, what can I say about you
What kind of example can you give to married women
There is no good example

You want people to say that because am ‘a prostitute’
I have befriended a married woman
That’s why I am giving you a bad advice?
No, it’s you yourself who have bad thoughts

I am the one who supports you
I am the one who knows your secrets
Today I become a bad person, mamou
You know when things go bad mamou
You will remember me when I’m gone mamou
Even if you call me a prostitute

I am the one who often stands by you mamou
I am the one who could even die for you
Today I’ve become your sworn enemy mamou
You know when things go bad mamou
You will remember me when I’m gone
Follow the behavior of married people, mamou

Madilu, let her speak
She does not know the little things she does
Although even the colors of the house can report her
People usually see her, but today she’s spreading rumors about me
She is insulting me by calling me a prostitute
Prostitution is not a disease
Prostitution is not a punishment
I earn money from my “prostitution”
Every person knows about my prostitution
I do not cheat anybody
Why are you spreading rumors about me

Mamou one day, morning found you away from home
Because you did not sleep at home
You anticipated the situation by calling your husband before 6 o’clock
Because you wanted to tell him that you have been admitted to hospital with the sick baby

You are the person who misbehaves mamou
You are the person who misbehaves
You do not respect your husband mamou
Your husband’s friends mamou
You took his respect away mamou
Your husband’s friends mamou
You don’t respect them mamou
Today you’re calling me a “prostitute” I am surprised

Mamou, today you are calling me a ‘prostitute’
If you look at it closely there is no difference between me and you
The only advantage you have in marriage is that even when you get children with other men you will claim they are your husband’s children and name them after him
Mamou you know that I make money from my ‘prostitution’
I do not beg from you mamou
Hang me, you know I have everything mamou

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  1. Wow, Thanks for the translation. i love the song and have loved the words!

  2. c'est une chanson interresant et tres educative.bravo


  3. tres belle chanson

  4. fantastic reminds me of my father

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  6. Can you give lyrics and translation for madilu djafar

  7. Real rhumba lover. Nice job there


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